Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Hacker's perspective on WikiLeks

The Hazards of Nerd Supremacy: The Case of WikiLeaks

Big government not the cause of economic problems

Robert Reich tells us what we already knew.

he tax deal negotiated between the president and Republicans is the latest version of trickle-down economics. It also confirms the Republican story of what happened to the economy and how to fix it: The bad economy is big government's fault, and the solution is to shrink government.

Life and Death Decisions Weigh on Junior Officers

QURGHAN TAPA, Afghanistan — The hill wasn’t much to behold, just a treeless mound of dirt barely 80 feet high. But for Talibanfighters, it was a favorite spot for launching rockets into Imam Sahib city. Ideal, American commanders figured, for the insurgents to disrupt the coming parliamentary elections