Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Congress -- too stupid to care!

Party Gridlock in Washington Feeds Fear of a Debt Crisis

Reading this article, it appears as though our Congress either no longer cares about those it governs, and/or is incompetent and unwilling to solve the problems which face us. Be afraid – Be very afraid!

The unwillingness of the two parties to compromise to control a national debt that is rising to dangerous heights.

“After decades of warnings that budgetary profligacy, escalating health care costs and an aging population would lead to a day of fiscal reckoning, economists and the nation’s foreign creditors say that moment is approaching faster than expected, hastened by a deep recession that cost trillions of dollars in lost tax revenues and higher spending for safety-net programs.

“Yet rarely has the political system seemed more polarized and less able to solve big problems that involve trust, tough choices and little short-term gain. The main urgency for both parties seems to be about pinning blame on the other, before November’s elections, for deficits now averaging $1 trillion a year, the largest since World War II relative to the size of the economy.

‘… hardly alone in sounding an alarm about the long-term budgetary outlook, which hasMedicare, Medicaid and Social Security costs growing at unsustainable rates and an inefficient tax system that cannot keep up.

“And to use the politics of fear and division and hate on each other — we are at a point right now where it doesn’t make a damn whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican if you’ve forgotten you’re an American.”

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