Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Anonymity and the Dark Side of the Internet

"[Recently written] is a new set of essays on the dark side of the Internet titled 'The Offensive Internet.'The question that drives the volume is 'what can be done about irresponsible information' spread by the Internet, a medium that allows slander to 'be done with a few keystrokes, with complete anonymity, and . . . with no fear that the Internet provider on whose website the slur is found will somehow be held responsible for incorrect . . . or defamatory statements'? In the course of the volume the Internet is characterized as a cesspool, a porn store, a form of pinkeye, a raunchy fraternity, a graffiti–filled bathroom wall, a haven for sociopaths, and the breeder of online mobs who are no better than 'masked Klan members' in their determination to 'interfere with victims’ basic rights.'”

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